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Multicutural 18 inch Dolls

The Nurse Dolls has 18 inch multicultural dolls; Nurse Nicole (AA) and Nurse Linda (CA) are available now. The Nurse Dolls each come with a scrub top/pant outfit, a pair of croc shoes, a nurse cap and a white lab coat.

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Children's Picture Books

In addition, children picture books are available from The Adventures of Nurse Nicole; N is for Nurse, which is an ABC book and Wash Your Hands, which is a step by step guide for children to get rid of germs.

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Animated DVD

Also available is an DVD from The Adventures of Nurse Nicole; The Battle of the Germs, which explains how a nurse and mom get rid of germs.

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The History of The Nurse Dolls

The Beginning


The Nurse Dolls are locally owned and operated by a Small Business Minority Veteran Dr. Nicole Brown. She is one of 5 African American Doll companies in the US. The Nurse Dolls are multicultural nurse dolls starting with Nurse Nicole and Nurse Linda dolls, available now. Hispanic and Asian dolls are coming soon. Currently, Dr. Brown has 2 published picture books for children entitled; N is for Nurse & Wash Your Hands. The animated DVD is entitled, Battle of the Germs, is available now.

Nurse Nicole Doll Bundle


The Doll, Picture Book & DVD are all on AMAZON. 

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Nurse Linda Doll Bundle


The Doll, Picture Books and animated DVD are all on AMAZON. 

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The Nurse Dolls

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