The History of The Nurse Dolls

The Nurse Dolls originated as a business concept when Dr. Nicole M. Brown, RN, DNP, responded to her children's curiosity about her profession, wondering if she was a doctor or a dentist. Faced with a lack of suitable products to explain nursing and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) careers to children, she founded The Nurse Dolls. The product line includes books, animated DVDs, and dolls, all aimed at enhancing children's understanding of careers in nursing and STEM fields.

Dr. Nicole M. Brown authored two books under "The Adventures of Nurse Nicole" series, titled "N is for Nurse" and "Wash Your Hands." Additionally, she released an animated DVD called "The Battle of the Germs." In a commitment to diversity, Dr. Brown developed two multi-cultural dolls as part of The Nurse Dolls product line. All these products are protected by copyright and trademarks.

As the sole owner and operator, Dr. Nicole M. Brown is an African American veteran who brings a unique perspective to The Nurse Dolls, LLC. The Nurse Dolls product offerings are detailed as follows:

N is for Nurse - Book: This book provides an A to Z exploration of the art and science of nursing, showcasing the profession in a positive light. It emphasizes the significance of nursing, positioning it as a must-have resource for everyone, as we may all need a nurse one day.

Wash Your Hands - Book: Focusing on a fundamental nursing skill, this book teaches the importance of handwashing for staying healthy and clean. Nurse Nicole, both a teacher and a mother, imparts this crucial skill to her students and children.

Battle of the Germs - DVD: This animated DVD narrates a story where germs conspire to make Nurse Nicole, her children, and everyone else sick. Drawing from the daily battles that nurses face against germs, the DVD imparts strategies to fight against these invisible adversaries.

Nurse Nicole Doll: Standing at 18 inches tall, this doll serves as a positive role model for youth. Complete with an RN ID badge, white lab coat, red scrub top, black pants, a white nurse cap with a red cross, and a pair of black Crocs, the doll embodies the professional image of a nurse.

Nurse Linda Doll: Another 18-inch tall doll, Nurse Linda, is designed as a positive role model for children. Adorned with an RN ID badge, white lab coat, blue scrub top and pants, nurse cap, and a pair of white Crocs, Nurse Linda complements the diversity in the line of dolls offered by The Nurse Dolls.

In summary, The Nurse Dolls, founded and led by Dr. Nicole M. Brown, is dedicated to educating children about nursing and STEM careers through a range of engaging and informative products.