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The Nurse Dolls 2.0

Battle of the Germs - DVD

Battle of the Germs - DVD

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Reach into a world of germy education with Battle of the Germs - DVD! Featuring Nurse Nicole Doll and Nurse Linda Doll, this DVD is sure to make learning about germs and effective washing techniques fun and exciting.

In Battle of the Germs - Nurse Nicole is a mom and a professional nurse. She educates the world through the Art and Science of Nursing. Nurses fight germs every day. Moms are Nurses too, when caring for small children and fighting germs! The Battle of the Germs is a story of how germs plot to make Nurse Nicole and children sick. This video will give everyone the strategies to battle germs. Video is under 20 minutes long.

Get your kids excited with this exciting, educational DVD - what will they discover?

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